Surf Solutions creates high-density, real-time multimedia processing technologies. The company offers off-the-shelf capabilities for scalable video, voice and signal processing as well as complete and powerful solutions to the challenges of multi-location, multi-channel surveillance.


Over 20 years of experience in multimedia processing, communications, and multi-channel, multi-location surveillance.


With over 35 patents, Surf is an R&D driven company and an industry leader in multimedia processing and transmission technologies.


Scalable, modular and customizable solutions to meet clients’ specific needs.


Seamless integration and support of large-scale architectures and technologies.

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The SurfSight Solution

SurfSight is a smart and robust surveillance solution, that can gather and consolidate video from multiple sources in real time.

SurfSight connects remote sites and moving vehicles with the video surveillance network and provides secure distribution and access capabilities for ad-hoc viewers- on any device and on any network.

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