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VoIP in standard form factors

MEDIA & DSP Processing Blades




SURF’s media processing blades enable reliable and cost-effective VoIP in standard form factors. System integrators and OEMs across the globe depend on SURF’s media processing blades, and benefit from the most complete range of media processing capabilities. 

Low Capex

High Density

SURFExpress PCIe

High-density voice transcoding in a PCIe form factor, with a comprehensive range of applications.

Technical Specs


Industry-leading MotionAPI enables quick time to market, signaling and media control.

Technical Specs


Support all TDM->IP applications with standard PTMC form factor and legacy cPCI compatible.

Technical Specs


High-quality and high-density VoIP & FoIP gateway with industry-leading SURFWare API.

Technical Specs

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SURF Solutions

Founded in 1996, Surf Solutions creates high-density, real-time multimedia processing technologies. The company offers off-the-shelf capabilities for scalable video, voice and signal processing as well as complete and powerful solutions to the challenges of multi-location, multi-channel surveillance. Surf’s solutions have been implemented and deployed by leading global companies around the world.

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