A Media Server for Every Application

Motion-HMP is a real time software HD multimedia server available on premise or in the cloud, with built in support for WebRTC, SIP, RTSP and H.323, and supporting 4K HD video resolutions. Motion enables developers to quickly create powerful and scalable voice and video applications speeding up time to market by providing a simple and accessible API supported through any programming language. 

Faster Development

Fastest Deployment

The World’s Fastest Real Time Voice and Video Development Platform

Motion-HMP comes equipped with all the tools you need to create great modern apps, including an internal resource manager, SIP/H.323 support & SIP registrar.

Key Benefits You'll Receive

  • Comprehensive Platform develops any multimedia app
  • Fully Integrated hardware, software and networking bundle
  • Flexible Environment adapts to your development method
  • High Performance Software handles the multimedia and leverages Intel GPU
  • Application Logic focus instead of h/w & s/w integration
  • Text-based simple, intuitive & powerful interface
  • High Level API for next-gen & legacy protocols & codecs
  • Technical Support throughout development & deployment

Scalable & Flexible

  • Fits deployments of all sizes
  • Seamless expansion as user level increases
  • Supports industry standard codecs and protocols
  • Multiple hardware form factors for writing applications
  • Manipulation capabilities including logo insertion & dynamic text overlay scrolling

Multimedia Conferencing

  • Real-time mixing and delivery capabilities
  • Supports up to 100 active video, and 16 displayed participants
  • Individual video characteristics per participant
  • Receive and transmit a wide variety of multimedia content types – analog, files, MP2TS, web (FLV)

High Quality Video & Voice

  • High-density voice and video transcoding between different codecs, frame rates, resolutions and bit rates
  • Recording, saving & playback of various file formats for packet and circuit switched networks
  • Video on demand for stored or live content
  • Ultra HD video & voice conferencing, up to 1080p/60 and 4k
  • Picture on video & video on video

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