ORION™ MCU Appliance

Orion-MCU is an open, standard based, high definition voice and video conferencing bridge that provides real-time, low latency, ubiquitous conferencing capabilities between different devices with different multimedia voice and video resolutions. Offering unrivalled price/performance value, Orion-MCU targets conferencing for SMEs/ SMBs with top-notch conference quality and stability, along with a wealth of unique features such as dual-registration, H.323 and SIP content sharing, on-the-fly adaptive resolution, comprehensive Real-Time user/conference statistics, management and control and many others; furthermore, ORION offers a multitude of encryption and security capabilities for military, HLS or government deployments.

Orion-MCU is the optimal Video Conference and collaboration platform, providing freedom for users to use any desired end point (smartphone/ tablet/ PC/ Video phone/ Room Systems, etc.), whether SIP, H.323 or WebRTC – thus embodying the true implementation of the BYOD concept.

Attentive to its audiences’ needs, SURF doesn’t chain its customers to “what’s on the shelf”; Orion-MCU is the only solution allowing users to pay for what THEY need. The platform is available as a standalone appliance that connects to any IP network providing plug and play voice and video conferencing solution, as the ORION MCU s/w only solution to run on any generic server, or as a PCI-Express Low profile card that can be integrated into any device – delivered with the powerful ORION API for integration to any management application.

Moreover, the ORION product family offers its target audiences the most flexible business models and widest audiences; the ORION family is available in a variety of OEM options, varying from Private Label opportunities for localization and brand recognition – embraced so far by a large number of VC, UC and IPBX vendors (offered for both the MCU appliance and the ORION-O SIP s/w client), and up-to PCIe boards for integration in any 3rd party appliance.

ORION MCU appliance is available in 3 different models:

These models differ from each other in the video resolutions they can respectively reach, and the number of concurrent video conference sessions thy can handle.

The ORION family additionally features the ORION-O SIP s/w client for Video Conferencing, available as


To learn more about ORION, please access the ORION MCU website