orion-hmp video conferencing platformORION-HMP is a plug-and-play, ultra-HD video conferencing platform for on-site, hosted or cloud-based deployments of any service, scale and magnitude.

A software MCU video conferencing platform for the new era in telecommunications:

Organizations now require connectivity from anywhere, at any time, and from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, video-phone or other) – while still connecting with “old-world”, corporate room systems. Welcome ORION-HMP. ORION-HMP is the first multi-party video conferencing platform designed specifically for “modern work-place collaboration”. Its unique modular architecture accommodates the needs of both small and large-scale deployments, offering full inter-operability among all hardware, networks, virtualized servers and legacy systems, while maintaining super low-latency and low power-consumption at ultra-HD quality and unrivaled capacity.

ORION-HMP introduces the first true hybrid WebRTC implementation that seamlessly co-exists with legacy SIP, H.323 and MS-Lync* clients of any sort (true BYOD implementation).

ORION-HMP additionally supports H.239 and BFCP content sharing, full collaboration (white-board, chat, file-share and more), extensive on-screen display and recording capabilities, far-reaching real-time statistics control, SRTP encryption and additional must-have features and functionalities.

ORION-HMP is now the ideal video conferencing platform for:

  • Service providers seeking to offer next-gen video conferencing while still communicating with legacy deployments.
  • Enterprise unified communication vendors seeking to add video conferencing to their UC suite of solutions.
  • OEMs seeking the most advanced video conferencing and collaboration platform

A video conferencing platform that will improve enterprise productivity while lowering OPEX and CAPEX.

  • Reduced OPEX – time-consuming meeting logistics become irrelevant.
  • Reduced CAPEX – enterprises are no longer confined to the conference room with over-priced equipment.

Open, Standard Based

Orion-HMP is an open, standard based, high definition voice and video conferencing bridge between different devices with different voice and video resolutions.

  • Best price/performance value
  • 1080p HD conference quality and stability
  • Any signalling support
  • Full security and encryption for defense deployments


ORION-HMP provides the freedom to communicate with any desired end point (smartphone/ tablet/ PC/ Video phone/ Room Systems, etc.), whether SIP, H.323 or WebRTC – thus embodying the true implementation of the BYOD concept.

ORION-HMP enables VC, UC and IPBXs to add powerful video conferencing capabilities to their product offering, while service integrators obtain a true plug & play solution.

Scalable Platform

SURF doesn’t chain its customers to “what’s on the shelf”.

ORION-HMP is available as a software only or standalone appliance, driven by either Host CPU, DSP or easily integrated PCI-Express board.

  • Dual-registration,
  • HD content sharing
  • On-the-fly adaptive resolution


ORION-HMP offers flexible business models and setup options for OEMs and VC, UC and IPBX vendors; starting at private label for localization and brand recognition, and up-to PCIe boards for integration in any 3rd party appliance.

  • Real-time user/conference statistics
  • Management and control features

The ORION family additionally features the ORION-O SIP software client for Video Conferencing, available as

Key Advantages

  • Elite MCU application for Video and/or Voice Conferencing
  • Comprehensive statics, control and monitoring per-participant/per-conference capabilities
  • Scalable: Optimized for large as well as small/initial deployments
  • Cutting edge and legacy protocols support


Download the ORION-HMP Datasheet

Download the ORION-HMP Technical Specifications

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