orion-hmp-logoORION-HMP is a plug-and-play, high-quality video conferencing solution for on-site, hosted or cloud-based deployments of any service, scale and magnitude.

We’re entering a new era in telecommunications, and nowhere are the changes more dramatic as in video conferencing. Organizations now require connectivity from anywhere, at any time, and from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, video-phone or other) – while still connecting with “old-world”, corporate room systems.

The future of video conferencing will improve enterprise productivity while lowering OPEX and CAPEX.

  • Reduced OPEX – time-consuming meeting logistics become irrelevant.
  • Reduced CAPEX – enterprises are no longer confined to the conference room with over-priced equipment.

ORION-HMP is the first multi-party video conferencing platform designed specifically for “modern work-place collaboration”. Its unique modular architecture accommodates the needs of both small and large-scale deployments, offering full interoperability among all hardware, networks, virtualized servers and legacy systems, while maintaining super low-latency and low power-consumption at ultra-HD quality and unrivalled capacity.

ORION-HMP introduces the first true hybrid WebRTC implementation that seamlessly co-exists with legacy SIP, H.323 and MS-Lync* clients of any sort (true BYOD implementation).

ORION-HMP additionally supports H.239 and BFCP content sharing, full collaboration (white-board, chat, file-share and more), extensive on-screen display and recording capabilities, far-reaching real-time statistics control, SRTP encryption and a fistful of additional must-have features and functionalities.

ORION-HMP is now the ideal video conferencing platform for:

  • Service providers seeking to offer next-gen video conferencing while still communicating with legacy deployments.
  • Enterprise unified communication vendors seeking to add video conferencing to their UC suite of solutions.
  • OEMs seeking the most advanced video conferencing and collaboration platform


Orion-HMP is an open, standard based, high definition voice and video conferencing bridge between different devices with different voice and video resolutions.

  • Best price/performance value
  • 1080p HD conference quality and stability
  • Any signalling support
  • Full security and encryption for defense deployments


ORION-HMP provides the freedom to communicate with any desired end point (smartphone/ tablet/ PC/ Video phone/ Room Systems, etc.), whether SIP, H.323 or WebRTC – thus embodying the true implementation of the BYOD concept.

ORION-HMP enables VC, UC and IPBXs to add powerful video conferencing capabilities to their product offering, while service integrators obtain a true plug & play solution.


SURF doesn’t chain its customers to “what’s on the shelf”.

ORION-HMP is available as a software only or standalone appliance, driven by either Host CPU, DSP or easily integrated PCI-Express board.

  • Dual-registration,
  • HD content sharing
  • On-the-fly adaptive resolution


ORION-HMP offers flexible business models and setup options for OEMs and VC, UC and IPBX vendors; starting at private label for localization and brand recognition, and up-to PCIe boards for integration in any 3rd party appliance.

  • Real-time user/conference statistics
  • Management and control features

The ORION family additionally features the ORION-O SIP software client for Video Conferencing, available as

Key Advantages

  • Elite MCU application for Video and/or Voice Conferencing
  • Comprehensive statics, control and monitoring per-participant/per-conference capabilities
  • Scalable: Optimized for huge as well as small/initial deployments
  • Cutting edge and legacy protocols support


Download the ORION-HMP Datasheet

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