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SURF Communication Solutions provides:


Ready-to-use standalone platforms which offer HD voice and HD video conferencing, video streaming and video delivery systems and


Powerful multimedia processing engine for developing a wide range of real-time communication and video applications platforms


SURF’ ready-to-use solutions include HD voice and HD video conferencing systems and real-time video streaming and delivery platforms. ORION-MCU, as an example of SURF’s ready-to-use platform provides a quality and cost-effective video conferencing system which targets the enterprises and the SMBs (Small Medium Businesses) with the vision of making the video conferencing affordable for every business. SURF’s Ready-to-use conferencing solution is also available as PCIe board (ORION-Express – based on SURF-Express / SURF-1286), easily integrated in third party platforms.  


SURF’s open platforms, allow a quick development cycle of a wide variety of communications systems and multimedia applications, ensuring full flexibility and optimal performance and quality. The open platforms are available in a wide range array of form factors, including standalone appliances, PCIe boards and chip sets.  


The target market of SURF solutions are enterprises, and SMBs which can access an affordable HD voice and HD video conferencing solution, operators, integrators and system developers, who can easily take advantage of SURF's unmatched density and competitive price-per-session without compromising quality.  


SURF-Motion, SURF’s leading open platform solution, provides an intuitive text-based API, offering a flexible layered architecture which enables the user to choose either a multimedia processing layer only or both signaling and media layers, supporting both legacy and IP networks. SURF-Motion also appears in various hardware form factors, offering maximum flexibility in integration and reduced time-to-market in developing advanced value added services (VAS) and video applications.

Whether you are designing a mobile teleconferencing system or developing the ultimate video application, choose SURF's multimedia processing platform and get the edge over the competition, as you quickly bring new services to market, and provide your subscribers with unparalleled quality.

SURF’s platforms are ideal for processing and delivering HD voice, as well as legacy narrow band voice, fax and modems. SURF solutions are also ideal for processing and delivering standard definition and high definition, HD video enabled communication and video delivery platforms, as both standalone ready-to- use appliances or as integrated PCIe boards.

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