SURF is an industry leader in multimedia technologies and solutions, delivering the processing engine behind the leading multimedia servers, IPBXs and gateways in the market. Whatever the platform, network, protocol or multimedia requirement, the innovative SURF HMP and SURFMotion™ platforms deliver value added services to tens of millions of users daily; SURF’s renowned ORION™ MCU revolutionized the world of Video and Voice Conferencing, making it affordable for all.

SURF’s trend-setting solutions are available in various form factors (appliance, board, chip level or s/w based), affording unrivalled density, quality and optimal performance. Amongst their numerous advantages, SURF’s solutions bridge between legacy and future technologies, meet SPs requirements to move their IMS infrastructures into the NFV era, differentiate from “me too” Video Conferencing offering and improve profitability, increasing customer base with a solution affordable for all.

Whether IA Host or DSP based, handling media or signaling to provide voice, video and/or data over any new or legacy network or bridging between communication islands in the ever-changing world of telecommunication, SURF solutions are ideally positioned to stimulate change in the way we communicate.

SURF’s offering includes:

  • SURF HMP: Elaborate SDK for any media, signaling, codec or protocol handling (conferencing, transcoding, playout, recording, termination, bridging and more).
  • SURFMotion™: High Level API for multimedia applications, fastest time-to-market development
  • ORION™ MCU: Stand Alone Appliance, PCIe board or s/w based MCU supporting top quality HD video and full functionality at a fraction of market prices

SURF’s Unique Selling Points and Differentiators:


  • Extremely Easy-to-use API: Reduced time-to-market
  • Processing all leading media and signaling protocols: Customer can focus on its own application
  • Supports diverse applications: leverage initial investment to build additional income sources
  • High capacity/ low-latency: Ensures aggressive cost per port and high quality user experience


  • Robust technology: Proven interoperability with hundreds of worldwide deployments
  • Available both as s/w only solution (to run on any COTS server), or on dedicated, DSP-driven hardware, either in 1U appliance or PCIe formats
  • Any use, any signaling (WebRTC, SIP, H323), any end point (only true BYOD solution)
  • The only solution to enable multi-registrar deployments (SIP and H323)
  • No expensive servers required for configuration & management; no complicated deployments