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Virtualized Transcoding

SURF will change the way in which you develop and implement multimedia applications, while opening up the possibilities of NFV/WebRTC deployments.

Professional Services

SURF provides complete turnkey solutions for corporations seeking plug-and-play and custom solutions for their communication challenges.

Video Conferencing

SURF plug-and-play video conferencing is leading the technological revolution of BYOD convenience over the NFV/WebRTC model.

Security and Defense

SURF has amassed over 20 years experience providing communication solutions to Tier 1 defense integrators across the globe.

Hear the Innovation

Whatever way you decide to go, communication will get you there.

Learn how businesses in your industry are integrating NFV deployments and WebRTC functionality to improve call quality and lower network operating transmission costs, and how the SURF-HMP platform enables you to get there.

Video Surveillance

Perimeter and video surveilance, secured video conferening and real-time feed from the field. SURF has partnered with some of the world’s largest defense integrators including Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and Thales in delivering highly-secured and dependable communication solutions.

Legacy Fax, Modem, IWF

Healthcare is quickly adapting itself to the benefits of modern communications. SURF enables companies providing healthcare IT solutions to improve their perfromrance while significanntly owering the cost of operation.

Trans-Network Bridging

SURF provides the core backend multimedia transcoding and processing technology for many of the world’s leading Tier 1 providers and mobile operators. With over 20 years experience, SURF has built up a reputation of cutting-edge technology and personal customer support.

Multimedia Transcoding

As more people turn to online banking and shopping, finance IT and communications are adapting to improve customer service and support. With years of experience providing highly-secured communication solutions to companies in the financial markets, SURF is leading the way to better banking.

Professional Services

Improve the capabilities of your call center and customer support with WebRTC enabled conversations via the web-browser. SURF multimedia transcoding connects legacy infrastructure, codecs and deployments with next-gen technologies such as NFV servers and WebRTC.

Video Conferencing

SURF enables companies and enterprise IT to move quicker and significantly cut down on communication expenses with our plug-and-play video conferencing platform, ORION-HMP. From now on, BYOD video conferencing from any location is the reality.

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