SURF Drives Incumbent SIP/H.323 Video Conferencing into the Future

SURF Communication Solutions has unveiled ORION-HMP, a NFV-ready multimedia-conferencing platform consolidating WebRTC and legacy deployments for the first time.

Leveraging the power of Intel processors’ GPU, the software-based ORION-HMP offers up to 4K resolutions, industry-high density of concurrent calls and participants per server, full collaboration, and a 90% reduction in processing-related costs.

Yokneam, Israel (March, 2016) – SURF Communication Solutions (, a developer of high capacity, real-time multimedia processing and enabling technologies for the telecommunications industry has announced its SURF-HMP Media Processing platform being chosen by Vertical Communications® ( for its virtual IP-PBX.

As the successful deployment of new Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technologies require provision for the latest voice and UC codecs and standards, they also impose the need for legacy support in what is projected to be a long transition period, in addition to seamless interoperability with incumbent PSTN and SIP legacy networks. Vertical Communications has chosen SURF-HMP, a media processing platform that handles all media-related tasks in a virtual environment; including modern and legacy codec transcoding, messaging, call recording, large-scale conferencing, legacy fax processing, encryption and a world of additional functionality.

Developed by a veteran team with over 20 years’ experience in voice and video processing, SURF-HMP is a scalable and robust media processing platform that meets the needs of both small-scale, as well as large virtualized and non-virtualized deployments. As SURF-HMP’s unique system architecture is fully scalable for growth, in addition to making optimized use of the CPU multiple cores and hyper-threads, it is the premier solution today for users seeking to take advantage of Network Function Virtualization capabilities by virtualizing their activities, lowering OPEX and improving time to market.

“As we evaluated various technology vendors to help virtualize our IP-PBX, we recognized it was critical to partner with a company that offered both a dependable infrastructure and a compelling business model,” said Bobby Mohanty, Vertical’s senior vice president and general manager for products. “We’ve had a close relationship with SURF for many years, and have come to appreciate the value that it delivers. SURF-HMP’s JSON APIs are extremely easy to use, which helps us achieve an extremely short time to market. In addition, SURF’s flexible licensing models and platform scalability enables us to manage costs as we look to satisfy the needs of our diverse customer base.”

“Telecom providers are seeking a one-stop-shop solution to fully address all their multimedia needs. By facilitating HD voice & video processing across any codec or platform in a single server, and including an advanced API development kit, SURF-HMP enables our clients to focus their activities on creating innovative UC solutions which benefit their customers while increasing corporate revenues,” explained SURF CEO, Mr. Avi Fisher.

Ariel Linker, SURF’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing commented: “We are very pleased to be expanding our business cooperation with Vertical. SURF-HMP is in many respects an enabling technology that brings with it the business justification for service providers upgrading to NFV/SDN and WebRTC infrastructure. As SURF-HMP can be licensed as a media-only or as a media & signaling platform, for voice only or voice & video, Vertical now has a dependable and scalable backend that enables near-complete flexibility in their business model and product offering.”

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