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SURF Communication Solutions (SURF) is an industry leader in high-capacity multimedia processing solutions.

Founded in 1996, SURF has designed, developed, and marketed high-density, multimedia processing technologies in a wide variety of formats, for telecommunication infrastructure, military deployments and CTI applications.

Since its founding, SURF’s products have delivered the integral technology behind many of the leading vendor’s multimedia servers and gateways, and has been deployed to operators and service providers worldwide. Today, SURF-powered multimedia applications are delivering next-gen services to millions of end-users every day.

SURF’s video-ready engine is a fully converged multimedia processing subsystem that integrates easily into media gateways and servers. Since there is no such thing as “one size fits all,” the SURF engine is available in various s/w models and licenses, h/w form factors, or DSP chips – affording unmatched density and optimal performance.

Known for its innovation and strong technology, SURF has a close working cooperation with Intel, and is one of their eco-system partners. Being a pioneer in the implementation of mSDK-based solutions and GPU accelerated processor utilization on Intel chips, SURF is often requested to aid other users of these technologies.

Additionally, SURF has key partnerships with leading technology companies such as Artesyn, Kontron and Interphase – a  working relationship providing full compatibility for its components in these vendors’ platforms, and assuring customers of interoperability and support.

SURF has a world-class development team with a wealth of experience in communication equipment subsystems. The Company has 37 patents and sells its products via OEM or System Integrators/partners.

In 2008, SURF earned recognition from Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 in Israel, and in 2010, SURF was further recognized by the Israeli Economist as one of the top 50 most promising hi-tech firms in Israel.

Customers that implement SURF can significantly reduce costs and time-to-market while supporting market demands for true convergence of all media types: video, voice and data over all networks: IP, mobile, wireline, and wireless.

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