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Connected cars means a lot more than just Internet access or even wireless local area networks. The automotive industry is on the brink of an Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, with Gartner predicting 250 million connected vehicles by 2020.

In the age of autonomous and connected vehicles – remote connectivity to provide assistance, security and safety above all, the ongoing challenge is aggregating connected vehicles streams and distributing them in real time as needed.

SURF enables this revolution by providing streaming and distribution of real-time video feeds from on-board cameras to different network services during dynamic and changing network conditions with extremely low latency.

With an expertise in embedded solutions and real-time video, Surf is solving video connectivity for the connected car economy.


Upstream Overall Bandwidth

LTE (4G and 5G) networks are great in “peek” conditions, but mobile network speed is limited and inconsistent

Unpredictable Packet Loss

TCP retransmissions use excessive bandwidth and lead to a “spiral death” 

Jitter & Delay

Buffering in routes and network blocking cause delay in transmitted video signal


Sudden Upstream Congestion

Internet services using uplink bandwidth or multiple cars in the same cellular cell


  • SURF solves mobile network issues for connected vehicles, sends the proper video to the network and then distributes the video in real time to 3rd party services according to specific video formats and specifications.


Proven Experience

SURF has over 20 years experience working with Tier 1 contractors in projects throughout the world

smart router

On-the-fly protocol conversions, cloud-ready with a low footprint, and high capacity transcoding & transrating

project integration

Easy integration within large projects with a simple Rest API supporting standard & client codecs


Secure encryption

Enables custom media encryption embedded into infrastructure, in addition to market leading standards

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