Legacy Telecom

Fax, Modem, IWF and VoIP Gateway

Creating a ubiquitous media experience

The  uptake of next-gen technologies , particularly on the enterprise front, can be long. Consequently, fax is still used for legal communications, modems are preferred for remote financial services, and telecom operators are still required to provide cross-platform connectivity between fixed and mobile networks.

Overcoming those legacies become a key element when evaluating the upgrade of an existing core-infrastructure. Surf’s technology arsenal provides enterprises with powerful, complete  and customized solutions – helping them to reach the next gen technologies.

High Density Blades

240 modem ports and up to 800 fax ports per blade

Scalable Blades / Software

Can be supplied in a partially populated form to address smaller installations or software only for NFV migrations

All Modem Protocols

From low bitrate V.21@300 bps, to V.90 with up to 56Kbits/second

TDM Bearer Channel Interface

IWF accommodates native TDM interconnectivity, or over an IP/UDP/RTP transport (RFC4040) for LTE core

Software Library

Fax functionality available as a software library that runs on any COTS IA server
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