Video and Audio Transcoding

creating an ubiquitious media experience


Despite substantial improvements made in HD video and audio processing, solution vendors still face significant challenges in the same primary areas; codec interoperability, security, and call quality.

SURF provides real time video and audio transcoding for wireline, wireless/LTE and over the top communications, as well as signaling interoperability, origination and termination for WebRTC, SIP and Legacy protocols.



Field Proven

Video, voice and signaling solutions used by Tier 1 clients

GPU Processing

High quality, low power consumption software based solution, up to 10x cost performance.

Call Quality

Latency reaches as low as 5ms, setting the industry benchmark


Bridging the Gap

Connects legacy networks with next-gen WebRTC solutions & services

Security Protection

Full encryption protection at the media & signaling layer with TLS


Scalable Architecture

Supports small and up to large scale deployments on the same platform


    • Supports the widest array of codecs and endpoints, while bridging next-gen NFV/SDN with WebRTC, SIP and H.323
    • GPU processing enables 5G, ultra-HD quality while cutting transmission costs and increasing processor capacity


Proven Experience

SURF has over 20 years’ experience providing OEMs & Tier 1 contractors high-level transcoding solutions

fast time to market

Ability to manipulate media only, or media and signaling with a simple and powerful API that is unmatched in the industry.

customized deployment

Simple with multiple command specific APIs to modify all aspects to best suit client specifications

project integration

Easy integration within large projects with a simple API supporting standard & client codecs

all deployments

Connect networks and endpoints with a large range of codecs (H.265, H.264, VP8, VP9, EVRC and more) and protocols (WebRTC, SIP, H.323 and Legacy) 


Secure encryption

Enables custom media encryption embedded into infrastructure, in addition to market leading standards

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