Banco Columbia integrates SURF video conferencing technology to improve communications between its 60 branches spread throughout Argentina. Banco Columbia sees highly secured inter-bank communications playing a key role in improving customer service and reducing overhead business expenses.

SURF Communication Solutions, a developer of high capacity, real-time multimedia processing and enabling technologies, has announced an agreement for supplying its ORION-HMP video conferencing solution to Banco Columbia S.A., a commercial bank headquartered in Buenos Aires with over 60 branches spread throughout Argentina.

As part of the agreement, Banco Columbia will outfit all of their bank branches with SURF’s WebRTC compatible video conferencing solution. The plug-and-play ORION-HMP is the first video conferencing solution that supports both legacy and next-gen deployments, enabling financial organizations and enterprise to quickly outfit secure and high-quality video conferencing for all codecs and protocols without having to overhaul their existing IT infrastructure.

SURF’s ORION-HMP is a software-based solution that leverages the processing power of a COTS Intel server GPU to process up to 90% more data per server, enabling it to provide users with 1080p/4k video resolution with latency of under 60 FPS. Of significance to Banco Columbia and other monetary institutions, ORION-HMP operates on top of the internal server, enabling all the benefits of web-browser access without any risk of data leakage.

Represented by Provetel, a leading IT integrator and distributor in Argentina, and Provetel’s integrator VOXSUR, SURF made the short list of potential providers by demonstrating its ability to facilitate high-quality calls between legacy SIP, H.323 infrastructure and next-gen WebRTC. Furthermore, SURF’s software-based architecture enables ORION-HMP to be priced significantly lower than traditional room-based systems.

Diego Salomon, VP telecommunications for Banco Columbia commented, “The bank was seeking an easy to integrate video conferencing platform that would enable multi-user access at each bank location over WebRTC protocol. Our initial criteria in the tender were secure communications with a high quality call experience, content sharing and whiteboard. However, we chose SURF, Provetel and VOXSUR after being impressed with their professionalism, and having found the product to have exceptionally low latency, the most competitive pricing and the greatest adaptation to Internet based calling.”

Ariel Linker, SURF’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing commented: “SURF supports the financial industry with ultra-secured communications over the WebRTC model. The installation at Banco Columbia represents another successful installment within the financial sector, and cements SURF’s place as the ideal solution for banks and investment houses seeking secure communications while not compromising on flexibility and quality.

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