SURF Communication Solutions has unveiled ORION-HMP, a NFV-ready multimedia-conferencing platform consolidating WebRTC and legacy deployments for the first time. Leveraging the power of Intel processors’ GPU, the software-based ORION-HMP offers up to 4K resolutions, industry-high density of concurrent calls and participants per server, full collaboration, and a 90% reduction in processing-related costs.

Surf Communications Solutions, a renowned developer of media processing, transcoding and video collaboration services, has announced the release of ORION-HMP, a video and voice-conferencing platform that fully bridges between WebRTC and legacy environments. Leveraging upon SURF’s 20 years’ expertise in media processing, ORION-HMP enables communication service providers and Enterprise IT to capitalize on the capabilities of next-gen NFV/SDN and WebRTC technologies, by bridging between modern H.265, VP8 and VP9 codecs with legacy SIP and H.323 standards.

ORION-HMP distinguishes itself from other video conferencing platforms by exploiting the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) of standard, COTS Intel server CPUs, while utilizing just 10% of the energy consumed by comparable CPU-based applications. With this setup, ORION-HMP dramatically increases conference and participant density from in factors of up-to 5 times per server, while cutting energy consumption and required server usage by as much as 90%. Furthermore, the use of GPU accelerated servers enables ORION-HMP to reach 4K/1080p resolutions@60 FPS, while keeping latency to less than 1 frame (less than 30mSec).

By interconnecting between SIP, H.323 and WebRTC protocols on a single GPU accelerated server, ORION-HMP brings telecom providers a unique, hybrid interoperability concept with existing technologies and standards.

Avi Fisher, SURF’s CEO commented, “ORION-HMP is the first NFV video conferencing platform designed specifically for scalability and modern work-place collaboration. In a world with untold devices, codecs, network providers and bandwidth capabilities, ORION-HMP bridges the communication gap between everyone, enabling a cost-effective and high-quality video conferencing experience.”

ORION-HMP’s modular design is available as a software-only, or pre-mounted on a NUC server, accommodating the needs of both small and large scale deployments. Its unique design appeals to both On-Premise as well as Cloud-based installations, while acting as a complete plug-and-play solution with internal billing control, scheduling and collaboration, email invitation and full administrator functionality with real-time statistics and more.

Telecom providers can ramp-up and deploy a complete conferencing solution in near-zero time, and seamlessly add more processing capabilities via a true pay-per-use module. And unlike the tied-down, room-based and closed-loop video conferencing systems of today, ORION-HMP is a BYOD platform that enables video conferencing from any location and device, while maintaining the high-quality and latency-free capabilities people demand.

Ariel Linker, SURF’s VP Sales and Marketing, says “While service providers have seen their margins cut by the commoditization of voice and video services over the past decade, ORION-HMP is bringing new possibilities for corporate growth by enabling the quick deployment of high-margin, revenue generating services, while allowing providers to reap all the benefits that come with the transition to next-gen NFV/SDN and WebRTC technologies.”

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