ORION-HMP Features and Specifications

Next-gen video conferencing MCU

Organizations now require connectivity from anywhere, at any time, and from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, video-phone or other) – while still connecting with “old-world”, corporate room systems. Welcome ORION-HMP. 

ORION-HMP is the first multi-party video conferencing platform designed specifically for “modern work-place collaboration”. Its unique modular architecture accommodates the needs of both small and large-scale deployments, offering full inter-operability among all hardware, networks, virtualized servers and legacy systems, while maintaining super low-latency and low power-consumption at ultra-HD quality and unrivaled capacity.

ORION-HMP introduces the first true hybrid WebRTC implementation that seamlessly co-exists with legacy SIP, H.323 and MS-Lync* clients of any sort (true BYOD implementation).

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ORION-HMP Datasheet

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