Orion HMP

Video conferencing platform

Quickly create powerful and scalable voice and video applications

Orion HMP is a multi-party video conferencing platform designed specifically for NFV and WebRTC, providing unmatched codec interoperability and call quality for all devices; regardless of network, signaling protocols or bandwidth.

Orion HMP leverages the GPU of Intels’ server to exponentially increase concurrent conferences and participant count. Experience a dramatic increase in server efficiency and up to 90% reduction in operating transmission costs.

Key Benefits

  • Plug and play MCU video conferencing platform
  • Ultra HD for onsite hosted or cloud based deployments
  • Easy integration API for full control
  • Comprehensive statics control and monitoring per participant and conference.


  • Built in WebRTC client with screen sharing to connect without a client
  • Bridges between all devices and voice/video resolutions
  • Supports smartphone/ tablet /PC/ video phone/ room systems and other endpoints
  • Supports SIP, H.323 and WebRTC


  • Comes completely virtual, or preloaded on NUC server
  • Supports WebRTC with embedded server & client
  • On-the-fly adaptive resolution
  • Open, standard based with any signaling support


  • Users define screen layout and display capabilities
  • Maintains full-screen pictures via automatic cropping
  • Eliminates 4:3/16:9 on-screen mismatches
  • Full security and encryption for defense deployments

Orion HMP

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