Panamax leverages SURF Communications’ technology to expand the capabilities of its popular telecom platforms. Panamax sees faster time to market and Level 5 API switches as key SURF advantages in the rapidly changing telecom market.

SURF Communication Solutions, a developer of high capacity, real-time multimedia processing and enabling technologies, has announced an agreement for supplying its three-level HMP product suite to Panamax®, a New York and India based developer of advanced telecom and mobile financial technologies.

As part of the agreement, Panamax will integrate the SURF-HMP media transcoding engine within their iMax® Class-4 integrated carrier switch, explore Motion-HMP media and signaling APIs for its Class-5 UC&C suite Bridge2Call®, and initiate a trial of the ORION-HMP plug-and-play video conferencing application.

SURF’s three-level HMP platform improves performance, cuts time to market, and helps raise corporate profits. Leveraging the processing power of any COTS Intel server GPU, and SURF’s 20 years’ expertise in multimedia, signaling and codec transcoding, the combination of cutting-edge technology and deep industry know-how has enabled SURF to process up to 90% more data per server, reduce energy consumption in parallel, and support the highest quality transcoding for the greatest number of codecs and standards.

By integrating SURF-HMP, Panamax will enhance the transcoding gateway on their iMax integrated carrier switch to handle a greater number of legacy and next-gen codecs, while substantially reducing energy consumption, server count, and call latency. Similarly, the potential combination of Motion-HMP and the Bridge2Call UC&C suite will improve service and application support, taking the UC&C suite towards ISBC and full IMS for the telecom industry, while ORION-HMP’s top-level video conferencing wraps up a complete carrier-class solution.

“When seeking a technology partner for our next generation product line, and the Bridge2Call UC&C suite in particular, Panamax was looking for a software-based transcoding solution with full signaling support that could also provide our clients high-quality and dependable capabilities on both SIP/H.323, and the next-gen WebRTC model,” commented Manoj Jain, VP Global Marketing of the Bankai Group. “As Motion-HMP supports all these requirements, as well as easy-to-use JSON APIs, we are confident that SURF represents the best partner for quickly upgrading our product offering among Tier 1 and Tier 2 vendors.”

Ariel Linker, SURF’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing commented: “SURF supports partners like Panamax via friendly per-use licensing models and never-before-seen platform scalability. The Panamax implementation drives home the fact that SURF-HMP’s unique system architecture combined with GPU, multi-core and hyper-thread technology is helping to keep our clients’ operating costs low and profit margins high, while providing true flexibility in new product offerings. We are honored to have been chosen by a distinguished solution provider such as PANAMAX, marking yet another success of our revolutionary HMP platforms.”

About SURF Communication Solutions

SURF Communication Solutions (SURF) is an industry leader in high-capacity processing solutions for real-time multimedia communication systems and applications. Since 1996, SURF’s products have delivered the integral technology behind many of the leading vendor’s multimedia servers and gateways, and have been deployed by operators and service providers worldwide. SURF-powered multimedia applications deliver next-gen services to millions of end-users every day. SURF’s engines provide a fully converged multimedia processing subsystem available in various form factors affording unmatched density and performance, optimal modularity and the broadest available multimedia-service handling.

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About Panamax Inc.

Panamax Inc. is the technology division of the Bankai Group. Established in 2001, it is a rising technology company offering innovative & market-proven telecom switching, carrier business automation and mobile financial solutions. Panamax is headquartered in New York with its R&D center located in Ahmedabad, India. Since 2001, Panamax has been delivering first-class, turnkey telecom and technology solutions to customers across various verticals and geographies. With synchronization of stability & cutting edge technologies, Panamax caters to Telcos, Banking, Financial services and Insurance companies (BFSIs), carriers, merchants, aggregators and service providers.

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