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video surveillance & secured communication


Video surveillance requires not only a clear picture of the monitored area, but also real-time transmission over limited networks that overcome bandwidth limitation, unpredictable packet loss, jitter, delay and other congestion challenges.

SURF harnesses its expertise in virtualized GPU processing to aggregate large amounts of cameras per “computing volume”, significantly reducing power consumption and providing optimal real-time transmission even in limited network bandwidth environments, with up to 1:20 bandwidth savings.

SURF aggregates multiple camera streams over all bandwidth networks, automatically sensing network conditions and modifying the video streams being sent, while securely distributing the video streams in the cloud to different providers; such as WebRTC for clientless solutions.

In addition, SURF enables drone and vehicle-mounted cameras and mobile phones of field agents to act as video-feed contributors, while offereing improved real-time collaboration with Audio/Video conference capabilities.


Transmission Costs

Reduces real time video network transmission (uplink) costs by as much as 1:20


Onsite & remote backup, and record & play capabilities

Video Quality and Mosaic

Continuous best quality video by adjusting stream to changing network conditions with Mosaic streams


Ability to securely distribute video feeds from the control room to any device or network


  • SURF utilizes a Smart Video Router Proxy with advanced capabilities that allow it to receive multiple real time source streams with different signaling and media configurations. In real time, SURF provides a stream with adjusted output to different destinations adjusting signaling and media per destination requirements.
  • SURF’s video router overcomes network disconnection by continuously providing local record & remote playback at maximum resolutions. SURF has unique capabilities to optimize cloud video recording, either by transmitting minimum bandwidth to the cloud NVR, and/or acting as the video’s cloud recording server.


Proven Experience

SURF has over 20 years’ experience working with Tier 1 defense contractors in projects throughout the world

Dynamic zooming

Any camera zooming, real-time & historical feeds, full-camera resolution and on-the-fly annotations

smart router

On-the-fly protocol conversions, cloud-ready with a low footprint, and high capacity transcoding & transrating

project integration

Easy integration within large security projects with a simple Rest API supporting standard & client codecs

all deployments

Connect legacy or next-gen video surveillance cameras (H.265, H.264, H.263, MJPG)


Secure encryption

Enables custom media encryption embedded into infrastructure, in addition to market leading standards

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