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SURF-HMP is a comprehensive multimedia processing platform with next-gen capabilities enabling ultra-HD video, voice and signal processing. SURF-HMP can be embedded in your solution on-premise, in the Cloud, or NFV infrastructure.  

What's Your NFV Vision

SURF-HMP operates on any COTS Intel processor – both directly and as a virtual machine, accomplishing the NFV vision of a true separation between network platforms and hardware, and providing a 100% scalable, robust and comprehensive service model that lowers operating expenditures.

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GPU Processing & NFV Infrastructure: Processing at its Best


SURF-HMP is a comprehensive platform that accommodates the individual needs of heterogeneous audiences, boosting-up the ROI of service providers and integrators seeking next-gen multimedia capabilities with ultra-high resolution processing.

Key Benefits You'll Receive

  • Highest density solution with rich codec support
  • Simple Interface with a JSON API Interface
  • Scalable & Optimized for large & small/initial deployments
  • Supports next-gen & legacy protocols
  • Comprehensive statics control and monitoring

High Quality Voice and Video

  • High-density voice and video transcoding and mixing between different codecs, frame rates, resolutions and bit rates
  • Recording, saving & playback of various file formats for packet and circuit switched networks
  • Video on demand for stored or live content
  • Ultra HD video & voice conferencing, up to 1080p/60 and 4k
  • Picture on video & video on video

Multimedia Conferencing

  • HD conferencing with real-time mixing and delivery
  • Individual video characteristics per participant
  • Receive and transmit multiple multimedia content types

Monitoring & Billing

  • Comprehensive performance statistics & control information
  • Real time feedback and control

White Paper: WebRTC & GPU Processing

Read how WebRTC expert Tzahi Levent-Levi sees the GPU playing a major role in the future of WebRTC communications.

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