SurfSight for VMS Vendors

SurfSight allows VMS providers extended reach to remote sites and distribution capabilities

Challenges of Video Management Systems

In order to provide a clear and continuous picture of situations in the field, industry leading VMSs require the ability to gather and consolidate video from remote locations in real time. This needs to be achieved while overcoming challenges such as bandwidth limitations, unpredictable packet loss, jitter, delay and other congestion challenges.

In addition, agents in the field need on-the-spot, seamless access to the VMS without having to install applications or perform extra steps such as entering login information.

SurfSight for VMS Vendors

The SurfSight solution extends the capabilities of current Video Management Systems, with the ability to consolidate video from multiple sources in real time, connect remote sites with the video surveillance network and provide secure access and distribution capabilities for ad-hoc viewers- on any device and on any network.

Together, SurfSight and VMS vendors provide a comprehensive and operational picture of all events in real time. Allowing end customers to understand and manage events on the ground continuously, in real time, achieving total situational awareness to effectively take action if and when needed.    

Why SurfSight?

Remote site accessibility

Aggregates and consolidates video feeds from a large number of remote cameras.

Overcomes unstable wireless networks

Optimal and continuous transmission of video feeds
over mobile and unstable wireless networks through traffic shaping.

Mobile video sharing

Secure sharing of video feeds to the network from any mobile device.

Real-time video transmission

With less than 200 ms latency.

Secure video access & distribution

Secure distribution of multiple video feeds to any mobile device in real-time, without exposing access to the surveillance network.

Cyber security

With authentication, encryption and auditing capabilities.

90% bandwidth savings

Minimize upload costs.

Computer vision

Event based detection, including predefined face and motion alert parameters- for intelligent recording and streaming.

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