SurfSight Product Line

A cloud-based video monitoring solutions designed for mobile networks

Achieve total situational awareness

SurfSight is a cloud-based monitoring solution that can gather and consolidate video from multiple sources in real time, providing a complete picture of situations in the field.

SurfSight connects remote stationary and vehicle-mounted cameras with the video monitoring network over mobile networks. In-addition, it provides secure distribution and access capabilities for ad-hoc viewers- on any device and on any network.

SurfSight is comprised of two main products which may operate independently or together: SurfSight Edge and SurfSight Core.

SurfSight Edge

SurfSight Edge aggregates a large number of video feeds from remote sites over limited network bandwidths, while adjusting the video stream to changing network conditions. This ensures optimal and continuous transmission quality, over mobile and unstable wireless networks, in real time (<200 ms latency) while achieving up to a 90% reduction in bandwidth usage. In addition, SurfSight Edge features computer vision capabilities that allow for event based detection, including pre-defined face and motion alert parameters- for intelligent recording and streaming.

  • Transport support for RTP/RTSP, SIP and WebRTC transport of video broadcasts from Edge to Core
  • ONVIF Support for easy connection.

  • Low Latency less then 200ms over LTE.
  • Computer Vision alarm-based detection of objects with automatic bandwidth prioritization.
  • Resolutions & Codecs up to 1080p over H.264 or H.265 with automatic transcoding, as needed.

  • Live Streaming stream feeds from a single camera or create a mosaic of cameras.

  • Recording local recording and storage.
  • Flexible Deployments available in rugged and indoor models.
  • Traffic Shaping on the fly video adaptation to overcome unstable mobile conditions.

  • Cameras connect IP or analog cameras.  

  • Cyber Security authentication and SRTP support.
  • Bandwidth Savings up to 90% savings with smart computer vision transport and H.265.

SurfSight Core

SurfSight Core allows secure clientless distribution of multiple video feeds to remote destinations in real-time, without exposing access to the surveillance network. It also allows remote viewers to contribute feeds to the network securely from any mobile device.

  • Video Connectivity connect video feeds directly from VMS and NVR platforms.


  • Machine to Machine distribute video feeds as a single stream or mixed output to other services (analytics, VMS, etc.)
  • Device Connectivity manage SurfSight Edge devices remotely.


  • Distribute send video feeds to remote collaborators securely.
  • Mobile Video Sharing share video with other video systems via mobile devices.


  • Contribution add video feeds from contributing agents directly to the core video network.

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