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webrtc video conferencing at its best


With all the improvements in HD video conferencing technology, people are looking to connect from work home and on the go. WebRTC provides an opportunity to upgrade the video conferencing experience for all users.

SURF harnesses its expertise in GPU processing, codec interoperability, and multimedia transcoding to deliver an ultra-HD video conferencing platform that is cost-effective and truly BYOD for WebRTC and SIP and H.323 Legacy platforms and room systems.


Providing solutions that are available for SaaS providers, NFV Networks and on-premise platforms, Surf covers all aspects in the video conferencing ecosystem.


Cloud Ready

Software solution, enabling the NFV/SDN future

WebRTC Connectivity

WebRTC client and interoperability with legacy SIP, H.323 endpoints.



Customize all product aspects, from languages, layouts to creating new features

Built-in Calendar

Integrated scheduling and email invites with Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and other providers

Screen Sharing

Built in Screen sharing capabilities (WebRTC, H.239 and BFCP) as well as messaging


The most scalable and cost effective solution for video conferencing


    • SURF bridges legacy room systems (H.323) with SIP endpoints and WebRTC browsers.
    • SURF provides resolution of 1080p/4K and beyond, with up to 64 concurrent V/A participants per room.


Proven Experience

SURF has over 20 years’ experience providing OEMs & Tier 1 contractors high-level transcoding solutions

plug N' play

Can be embedded as on-premise platform with full user interface & complete branding into OEM/ODM solution

customized deployment

High level Rest-API, with multiple command specific APIs to modify all aspects to best suit client specifications

project integration

Easy integration within large projects with a simple Rest API supporting standard & client-specific codecs

all deployments

Connect legacy room systems with SIP endpoints or next-gen WebRTC browsers (H.265, H.264, H.263, VP8)


Secure encryption

Enables custom media encryption embedded into infrastructure, while supporting all leading standards

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