Video Conferencing

WebRTC Video Conferencing solutions

Enabling the Future of Video Conferencing

With the improvements in HD video conferencing technology, people are looking to connect from work, home and on-the-go. WebRTC provides an opportunity to upgrade the video conferencing experience for all users.

Surf harnesses its expertise in GPU processing, codec interoperability, and multimedia transcoding to deliver an ultra-HD video conferencing platform that is cost-effective and truly BYOD for WebRTC, SIP and H.323 legacy platforms and room systems.

Delivering solutions that are available for SaaS providers, NFV Networks and on premise platforms, Surf covers all aspects in the video conferencing ecosystem.

Cloud Ready

Software solution enabling the NFV/SDN future

Built-in Calendar

Integrated features with Gmail, Outlook and any other providers

WebRTC Connectivity

WebRTC client and interoperability with legacy SIP, H.323 endpoints

Screen Sharing & Messages

Built in screen sharing and messaging capabilities (WebRTC, H.239 and BFCP)

Product Customization

Fully customized product to meet clients’ specifics.


Supports small to large scale deployments on the same platform
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